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DocuSign: Implementation Checklist

DocuSign – Implementation Checklist

Administrative Tasks

Welkin informs client of the following (information included within the DocuSign – Let’s Get Started email)

  • Client owns the contract between themselves and DocuSign. Welkin to inform the client that they will need to contract directly with the vendor.  
  • Welkin to inform the client that separate contracting is required to send via SMS. 
  • Client will create DocuSign developer account 

DocuSign Tasks

Client will complete tasks in Docusign:

Welkin Tasks

Client and Integration Specialist will schedule a meeting to complete the following steps within Welkin (60 minutes minimum to complete)***:

***This must be completed in the Developer and Production Accounts

Go Live

Go Live is DocuSign’s process for migrating an integration created in the demo environment to the production environment. Go Live is necessary before you can perform real transactions in your integration through the DocuSign APIs.  This process takes approximately 1 week to complete