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Notifications and Alerts

It is important for care teams to be notified when important events occur for a patient. Notifications are provided from the system or can be defined and configured by the customer. In Designer, external notifications are controlled within the care program configuration. Care team members will receive emails or sms for those important events that occur in Welkin when they are not actively using the Welkin application. For example, if a patient moves into “High Risk”, care team members want to act fast to get the patient back on track.


Our notifications will keep you informed on what’s happening with your patients. While in Welkin, we’ll notify you with a bell ring along with a visual display when you have received new notifications.

Key Features for Notifications

  • Configure the notifications that are important for your care team
  • Mark notifications as read/unread 
  • Archive notifications that you no longer need to see
  • External SMS or email notifications when care team members are not actively working in Welkin Care Portal


SMS & Email Notifications for Alerts

You can now subscribe to the alerts that you would like to receive notifications for and choose the method (SMS or Email) where you would like to receive the notifications. The notification will allow you to immediately track or address something that has occurred in Welkin when you’re not in the platform.