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API Exports: Usage

API Exports

Welkin supports a number of APIs to retrieve export files with data across all patients. These include the following:

CDT RecordsEmails
Care PlansTasks
Voice CallsAssessments
PatientsPFAs (Assessments sent to Patients)
SMS HistoryEncounter Comments
Calendar EventsEncounter Dispositions
Chat MessagesWhatsApp Messages
Patient Contacts

Like all Welkin APIs, access begins with an API being created in Welkin, and that API being granted permissions through Designer.  In this case, the permissions need to be granted for the API to access one or more types of exports.

The API will use the key provided during creation to Authenticate using the instructions here.

The token is valid for one hour and should be cached if the API will be accessing more than once per hour, to prevent over-stressing the system.  Authorization will be blocked for five minutes if an API requests a token more than 100 times per 5 minutes. 

To request any of the export categories, use the API and token per the instructions here. 

In general, the format is in form: {{url}}/{{tenantName}}/{{instanceName}}/export/{{resourceName}}?start={value}&pageSize={value}

The export documents are returned in JSON format.

Any additional questions?
Please refer to the API documentation for details, and contact your Welkin Health Customer Service team with any further questions.