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Automations That Trigger Outbound Communications

Designer: Automations  – Outbound Communications

Automations can be used to send communications outside of Welkin to patients, users, and even patient Contacts.

There are additional inputs needed to prepare to trigger outbound communications, depending on the intended recipient and mode of communication:

Patients (Email/SMS/Chat)

Users (Email, SMS)

  • Message templates (Optional)
  • Phone Name (SMS)

User Contacts (Email/SMS)

The process to create an automation to send an outbound communication is the same as any other automation.  You will need a trigger event, any conditional logic, and then the Actions.  Please see our article here on Automations for more information.

Once you have chosen your trigger and conditions, select the type of Outbound Communication that you want to send in the “Actions” area.  In most cases you will be required to use one of the Message Templates that you created previously, but if you are only sending the message to a user on your team, you can craft the SMS or email content directly in the automation area once you have selected one of the “user” type options.

In some scenarios, you will also be presented with a field marked “From.”  This field is used to select the phone number that will be used in the outbound SMS.  This allows you to align your different message types to the appropriate phone number and its associated A2P campaign (such as marketing).  This is required in order to avoid phone carriers blocking your messages (More information here).

A final item that you will see when crafting a message to a Contact is a field for a Profile.  The Profile is the type of contact for a particular patient who you want to route the message to.  Some examples of this are: Physician, Significant Other, Power of Attorney, etc.  The options available to you will depend on which Profile types you have already created.

More Questions?

If you have any questions, please visit the Welkin Health Knowledge-Base or contact your Implementation/CSM for more information.