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Create PDFs from Forms & Assessments

Designer: How To – Create PDFs from Forms & Assessments

PDFs can automatically generated when completing an Assessment in the Care app. Following these few steps within Designer you can create Templated PDFs. There is only one requirement, you must upload the template in a Word Document format.

Log into Designer and select Create Draft. On the left panel under Visual Components select Forms. Find and open the form that needs a PDF Template added to. On the left side, under Edit Form select Template.

You will see a list of System Variables on the right hand side. These System Variables are to assist you in the Template building process that needs to be completed in a Word Document. System Variables are data fields that are standard. Use this specific format for all system variables. You can even include System Variable CDTs from alternative Assessments.

There is also a list of all CDTs present on the form available here, however, we recommend using a different format for surfacing these or any system CDTs. That format is as follows:
For example: {{CDT.allergies.severity.LAST_RECORD}}

You have the freedom of designing the Template and entering the variables in the Word Doc wherever the data should be displayed on the PDF template. This includes adding formatting, Bold, larger text size, etc. Save the Word Doc, and in Designer select Browse and upload the Word Doc.

Save Changes and Publish Draft.

In the Care app when an Assessment with an uploaded Template has been completed a new PDF icon will appear to select and preview the Assessment PDF.

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