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Care Coordination

Supporting a true care team model

Built for internal and external care team coordination.

Synchronized care for every member on your team

A patient care flow should be comprehensive, logical and intuitive so no matter what’s going on with a patient, it’s very clear what is going on — and who needs to facilitate what happens next.

Supporting team-first care: the patient journey

Stage 1: Identification

Qualify and enroll your patient in a program

Patient profile is created, communication and care preferences are defined, care team member is assigned.

Stage 2: Assessment

Define problems, risk, and goals

Assessment forms are completed, care-centered and patient-centered goals are defined in patient profile.

Stage 3: Enrollment

Enroll patient in best suited program

Assign care team, review care plan, schedule first appointment or start date, set reminders to check-in on defined cadence.

Stage 4: Care Delivery

Nurture patient through care plan

Regularly communicate with patient, set up tasks, reminders and automated follow ups, schedule scoring assessments, analyze results, track outcomes.

Stage 5: Course Correct

Keep patient on track

Alerts, notifications and tasks identify gaps in care, and notify patients when they haven’t adhered to their program; see escalations on homepage, adjust care plan, redefine goals.

Stage 6: Conclusion or Maintenance

Evaluate outcomes

Complete final assessment, evaluate analytics and trends, schedule for maintenance if necessary.

Types of care team members

A technology platform that links all members of the care team together for more proactive care.

Internal Team Roles

Relate each patient to multiple members on their care team. Assign each type of care member a single or cross-functional role with unique permissions, task types, and capabilities.

External Team Profiles

Relate patients to multiple care entities outside of your organization including physicians, clinics, hospitals, and family members.

The right intervention at the right time

Automated escalations

Create escalation paths to specific team members when events that need monitoring occur including: adverse events, out-of-range results, specific responses, or lack of engagement.

Organizational communication

Communicate with the patient’s entire care team when logged in. With one click, you can communicate with outside entities, physicians or anyone assigned to the patient’s care team.


Alerts ensure that care teams can be proactive in a crisis and initiate rapid responses to patients. This allows patient engagement and communication to occur quickly when necessary. 

Protect your team’s time and resources

We support the high-functioning care team model where clinicians are kept up-to-date on care but are reserved for specific duties they’re qualified for. Let others execute on certain tasks, freeing the clinician to do what they do best without compromising standards or outcomes. When that happens, physicians can take on more patients while still delivering care they can be proud of.

Primary Care Physician
Physical Therapist
Registered Nurse
Health Coach
Healthcare Providers
Hospital Staff
Family & Friends

We know it takes a village

Welkin is designed to address care coordination. Assign the right team member to address patient needs at every step of the journey. We provide your team members with seamless transitions and a curated experience for every patient he or she serves.

I was the primary contact for all configuration and setup. As a business user versus being a technical/IT specialist, I was initially concerned about needing a technical expert, but the Welkin system was so user-friendly. I knew exactly what I wanted and was able to translate that into the system with ease. Welkin provided assistance along the way to bring the vision to life.

Shakira VP Population Health Management
Make your program more care-centric today.