Welkin is how healthcare organizations build great programs

We work hard to build a supportive tool that fits your needs

Our Story

It all began in 2013…

when Chase Hensel and Gideon Wald joined forces to make their own thing — a piece of software designed to address a social problem. A few months later, Welkin Health was born.

Originally conceived as a coaching app to support people with diabetes, Welkin evolved into Care Management software when they realized there wasn’t a great tool that was both built specifically for healthcare and designed with the intention of strengthening relationships with patients. Gideon and Chase set out to change that.

Today, Welkin employs 40+ passionate Welikans at our headquarters in San Francisco, CA.

Our Culture

Why We Do It

At Welkin Health, we believe that human connection paired with great software transforms healthcare. We love what we do, what we’ve built, and who we’re helping.

Our Investors

This is Welkin:

Welkin provides software to healthcare organizations that want to empower their teams to build strong, meaningful relationships with their patients.

Our Team

As our team of kind, ultra-smart people (and their dogs) continues to grow, we’re committed to scaling our culture sustainably. While we do work really hard, we think work should enrich your life, not deplete it.

Welkin in the News

Our story began in 2013, when Welkin was founded to address the challenges of a social problem, with software. Our story continues to unfold.

What We’re All About

Our squadron of cycling enthusiasts, pottery throwers, dancers, Hearthstone disciples, culinary students, bibliophiles, and Warrior devotees—and their dogs—keeps on growing!

Welkin ranked 13th in the highly competitive Healthcare category!