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Customize your experience

Create a unique environment that works with existing and future systems

Integrations to support a unified care management platform

Welkin’s magic lies in its customizability. Support your care delivery strategy with leading integrations. Some are pre-built in, others we can easily connect but your own instance is required. You can also leverage APIs to integrate tools from your tech stack. 

Available Integrations


Integrate your Docusign HIPAA Provider Account for  secure document signing.

Secure Email

Send encrypted, HIPAA compliant, HITRUST certified emails with our native integration. 


DrFirst integration enables you to manage eRx. License, setup and maintenance fees not included.


Integrate your Zoom HIPAA Provider Account to add video chatting into your instance.


Leverage advanced analytics with Sisense. Setup, maintenance and license fees required.


Build lab ordering directly into patient workflows. Annual maintenance fees associated.

Text & Chat

Native Twilio integration supports SMS, MMS and In-App Chat functionality.


Send and receive WhatsApp messages in Welkin.

Custom-built Integrations


Connect your cloud-based EMR or EHR with Welkin.

Data Management

Integrate Salesforce to manage your funnel and Salesforce Sales Cloud.


Sync with external calendar providers with Welkin.


Sync with your external Outlook calendar for more comprehensive scheduling.


Sync with your online appointment scheduling software.


Accept payments or send send payouts with your payment processing platform.

Building an integration with cloud-based software?
We have flexible options:

Welkin builds the code and runs the code
Don’t have engineering resources to build an integration into Welkin? We have the resources to get you up and running.

Customer builds the code and runs the code 
You’re in full control of the business logic and program requirements. Our open APIs allow you to take the reins.

Third party builds the code and runs the code
Use connector software with out of the box feature sets to build a desired integration. These resources are versed in egressing and ingressing data.

API First Development

Our promise to our customers is that we value function over form. We are here to support your team in delivering outcome-driven care, and we know you need a tool that supports you in that mission.

I was the primary contact for all configuration and setup. As a business user versus being a technical/IT specialist, I was initially concerned about needing a technical expert, but the Welkin system was so user-friendly. I knew exactly what I wanted and was able to translate that into the system with ease. Welkin provided assistance along the way to bring the vision to life.

Shakira VP Population Health Management
Make your program more care-centric today.