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Built-In Integrations

Personalize your experience

Create a unique environment that works with your existing and future system

A single connected platform
for your team

Welkin’s magic lies in its customizability. With leading integrated applications already built in, along with APIs for you to build whatever else you want, you can create a software that works exactly for you now, and as you grow.

Leading Platform Integrations


Use our Docusign integration to complete secure document signing.

Secure Email

Send encrypted, HIPAA compliant, HITRUST certified emails with Paubox.


Leverage our integration with DrFirst to fulfill electronic drug prescribing.


Leverage Welkin’s HIPAA compliant Zoom for Healthcare integration.


Use codified reference data to support your billing process.


View or build your own dashboards and reports with Sisense.


Sync with external calendar providers with Welkin.


Build lab ordering directly into patient workflows.

Text & Chat

Twilio supports SMS, MMS and In-App Chat functionality.

API First Development

We provide you a platform that was built to function. Our promise to our customers is that we value function over form. We are here to support your team in delivering outcome-driven care, and we know you need a tool that supports you in that mission.

We were looking for better ways to interact with information in real-time to make it more beneficial for our health coaches and members. We found this super easy with Welkin with all the call, text, and communication methods,

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