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Designer: How To – How to create tasks

Tasks are designed to assist Care Members in providing routine care to patients, completing follow ups, and or track shared work queues. Welkin Health provides the capability to simplify task assignments by utilizing Task Templates.

Task Templates are developed in the Designer app under the Task Management section on the left hand side.

To create a Task Template, open up Designer and Create a Draft. Next, scroll to Task Management in the menu options on the left and select the +New icon in orange in the top right hand corner.

A side panel labeled, ‘New Task Template’ will slide over on the right hand side. Include the following settings to complete the task template:

  • Task Name
  • Name (Task Data Name)
  • Watcher Type (Point of Contact, Care Team)
  • Priority Level (Low, Medium, High, Urgent)
  • Due Date in Days (Optional)
  • Description (Optional)

Save and Publish draft.

More Questions?

If you have any more questions regarding how to create tasks, please visit the Welkin Health Knowledge-Base or contact your Implementation/CSM for more information.