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Patient Data View

Designer: Patient Data View

Patient Data View controls the fields available in Care when viewing the list of patients, creating and editing Patients, and the data presented within a particular patient’s demographics.

Under the Patient heading in Designer, select “Patient Data View” to configure.

A user is presented with 4 options (see left of image below):

  • View (Fields): The items available in the Patients List in Care
  • Add Form: Fields available when creating a patient
  • Edit Form: Fields available when editing a patient
  • Top Info: Fields viewable in an individual patient’s demographics

View (Fields):

Two columns are presented, center screen.  The column on the left has items that are available to present in the View, and the items on the right are what is configured into the View.  Hit the “+” or drag/drop items from either side to configure the available items.  In the right-hand column, drag and move items in the order you’d like them to appear on the

Patients List.  To change the field name from the system name to a user-friendly Label, click on the item and Input your desired label in the box that opens to the far right.

Add Form/Edit Form:

These areas control the interface when adding or editing a patient.  The setup is done in the same manner for both areas.

In the left column again are the items that are available to present to the user, and the items on the right are what is configured as Visible Fields.  Move the items from left to right to make those fields accessible to add or edit.  

There is a four box grid to the right of each row of visible fields.  To change the formatting options for the number and size of the fields per row, select one of the available options.   Click on any individual field to establish a user-friendly label and to set a placeholder value and/or system default value to the field.

Top Info:

Top Info regulates the fields that are persistently present within an individual patient view.

Move fields from the Available Fields list to the Visible fields and drag/drop them in the order desir

ed.  Multi-element fields such as Contact Information have checkboxes to select which specific items you’d like to present. 

Use the “Visible Fields” count at the top of the column to choose how many fields present by default.  All fields exceeding that number will be hidden behind a click.  You can see a Preview of the display as configured on the far right.

Once you’ve made all edits, click “Save Changes” to finish.

More Questions?

If you have any questions, please visit the Welkin Health Knowledge-Base or contact your Implementation/CSM for more information.