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Defining Regions and Territories

Designer: Defining Regions and Territories

Regions and Territories are used to categorize and subcategorize patients, and to provision patient access to users.  In order to view a patient’s chart, both the user and patient must have matching Region and Territory assignments.  One Region can consist of one or multiple different Territories.  Regions/Territories are assigned to Patients in Care and to users in Admin.

To create a Region and Territory, navigate to the “Access Control” section of Designer and,

  1. Select the “Regions and Territories” link. Click “+New” to create.
  2. Create the title for your Region.  This will auto populate the name field, but you can change that manually if needed.  
  3. Next, name your first Territory, and then click “+Add” to continue to add multiple Territories, if needed.
  4. Save changes to complete.

Tips:  Some common types of Regions and Territories include:

  • Geographical – “West Coast” Region, Territories “AK”, “WA”, “OR”, “CA”
  • Facility/Clinic: – “Michigan Hospitals” Region, Territories “UofM Medicine”, “Spectrum Health”, “Sparrow Health”
  • VP and Sales team – “VP John Smith” Region, Territories “Bob Jones”, “Sandy White”, “Tenisha Washington”

More Questions?

If you have any questions, please visit the Welkin Health Knowledge-Base or contact your Implementation/CSM for more information.