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Empowering Patients: How Healthcare CRMs Facilitate Understanding of Chronic Health Conditions

In the United States, six in ten Americans live with a chronic disease. Four in ten Americans live with two or more chronic conditions. Individuals...

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Everything You Need to Know About the 3 Types of Healthcare CRMs

Customer relationship management (CRM) should be a top priority of any successful business today – including healthcare organizations. CRM approaches centralize and analyze data to allow organizations to understand who their customers are and trends in their... Read More >

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How Technology Provides Relief When Supporting Shortages in Medical Staff

In recent years, the healthcare sector has been hit hard by staffing shortages. Studies project that the U.S. will face serious healthcare worker shortages in the next decade. The healthcare industry can attribute these shortages to many... Read More >

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Why Healthcare IT Is a Crucial Technology Service

Healthcare information technology has played a major role in the advancement of healthcare in recent years. The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act of 2009 helped to transform healthcare facilities and modernize health... Read More >

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    Femtech and the Newest Evolution of Women’s Care Technology

    New research and advances in healthcare and technology are growing exponentially. As part of this rapid growth, more companies are focusing on solutions for women’s health. Women make up half... Read More >

    Why Should Organizations Invest in Healthcare CRM Software

    Customer relationship management (CRM) allows organizations to monitor their patient database, and understand who their customers are, along with their behavior. As a result, a CRM strategy enables businesses to... Read More >

    What is a Headless EHR?

    Advances in digital health are transforming how care is delivered. New care models that aim to engage patients and extend care beyond brick-and-mortar settings are emerging. Electronic Health Records (EHRs)... Read More >

    How to Personalize Women’s Healthcare Using Healthcare Integrations

    Technology advancements in healthcare make it easier for providers to develop and provide patient-centered, customized care. By centering on the patient, providers and care teams can identify opportunities and approaches... Read More >

    How Welkin is Supporting FEMTECH

    Femtech companies are using technology to support women worldwide to live longer, healthier, and better lives. Femtech is one of the fastest-growing health sectors on the market and is transforming... Read More >

    The Importance of Communication with Field-Based Clinicians

    New models of care, innovative treatments, and the potential for better patient outcomes are transforming the healthcare sector. Providers and care teams have more tools and resources at their disposal... Read More >

    How Femtech Supports Multiple Aspects of Women’s Healthcare

    As the growing focus on women’s healthcare expands, so does femtech and the prevalence of tools and solutions to support women’s healthcare. Femtech encompasses diagnostics, products, wearable technology, services, and... Read More >

    How Distributed Healthcare Improves Quality of Care

    Let's think about this question: what if we could provide healthcare at home? Distributed healthcare enables patients everywhere to receive the care they need. While clinicians and care teams can't... Read More >

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