How Remote Monitoring Healthcare Can Improve Care Management

How Remote Monitoring in Healthcare Improves Care Management The term “remote monitoring in healthcare” may conjure images of robotic clinical data exchanges and artificial intelligence takeovers. In reality, remote monitoring in healthcare has provided a convenient experience for most patients who learn to use it. Why? It’s easy, convenient, and... Read More >

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4 Hard Questions Healthcare Providers Should Ask Technologists

Tough questions are good -- and healthcare providers and technology decision makers should ask more of them. That’s particularly urgent right now since healthcare providers are relying on technology more than ever.  The next few weeks and...Read More >

Team Member Spotlight: Adoran Moshe

At Welkin Health, we believe a company is only as amazing as its people. We’ve dedicated ourselves to improving the lives of care teams and want to show off the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes...Read More >

How to Implement Care Management in Healthcare Systems

You’ve studied up on all the latest treatments, stocked your lab, and refined your front office procedures—but have you and your healthcare providers looked into the benefits of Care Management? Care Management is team-based care delivery that...Read More >

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    EMRs Contribute to Physician Burnout – But Better Technology Could Help

    Physician burnout was an acknowledged problem long before the pandemic hit.  But now doctors who were previously burdened with lack of autonomy and pressure to pack their days with too many patients are now grappling with the existential threat that is COVID. We see it in the fear for themselves; their families, their colleagues and their patients; lack of PPE, the list goes on. In...Read More >

    The Ultimate Guide to Remote Patient Monitoring Devices

    Whether you’re the IT whiz or the hands-on patient care provider in your organization, remote patient monitoring devices (RPM) can make your job easier. RPM will also empower your patient population to be more engaged and knowledgeable about their conditions and treatment. It’s not surprising that 88% of healthcare providers have already invested in or are currently evaluating remote patient monitoring devices. Much like you...Read More >

    What Your Care Team Needs to Know About Patient Management Software

    Patients are demanding more from healthcare professionals today. They want high-quality, whole-person care and the assurance that their doctors and nurses are really there for them. Insisting on better quality of service and improved outcomes puts pressure on clinicians to go beyond only taking care of their patients’ basic needs. Proper patient management is key to helping patients achieve positive outcomes. Let’s explore what patient...Read More >

    Examining the Root Cause of Behavioral Health Issues

    We had the good luck to break up the work day with David Whitesock, Founder of Commonly Well, a brand-new start-up focused on behavioral health. Prior to founding Commonly Well, David was Chief Innovation Officer at Face It TOGETHER, an organization that pairs people working through addiction with coaches in a wellness-focused approach. The two organizations remain tightly linked today. So you’re getting ready to...Read More >

    5 Compelling Reasons Why Your Patients Need Healthcare Navigation

    For many people, getting proper medical care can feel like maneuvering through a maze. Even businesses that provide health insurance for their employees are not well-versed in the process. Think of healthcare navigation as the map to guide a patient’s healthcare journey. Patients can’t be expected to know all the terminology and procedure descriptions that their clinicians provide. A convenient, easy-to-follow process should not be...Read More >

    How to Improve Patient Communication

    Patient-provider partnerships are vital to making shared decisions on patient care. However, fostering these crucial connections can be difficult when each patient interaction often lasts only minutes. While it may be challenging to implement streamlined communication at your healthcare organization, improved patient communication creates a better patient experience and leads to better health outcomes. Discover top tips for improving patient communication and Welkin’s strategies to...Read More >

    Building a Technology Foundation for Patient-Centered Care

    I’m Canadian. Growing up, the comment about healthcare was always, “If you have a cold, Canada’s the place to be. If you have a heart attack, you want to be in the U.S.” That’s because the U.S. healthcare system excels at addressing acute problems: cancer, heart attacks, major injuries, you get the picture. But hospitals here are increasingly turning into repair shops, the medical equivalent...Read More >

    Transforming Musculoskeletal Health: A Deep Dive into Risalto

    Today we sit down with Risalto’s Allison Schoeneck, Vice President of Clinical Product, and Molica Anderson, Director of Clinical Implementation, to go deep on using technology and an evidence-based approach to create a better experience with better outcomes for musculoskeletal patients. We’ll start out with an easy one: what’s Risalto all about? ALLISON: We’re a digitally-focused musculoskeletal health company that helps patients get the highest...Read More >