How To Develop Your Patient Engagement Strategy

Engaged patients are proactive about their health. Implementing a robust, multi-channel patient engagement strategy that caters to their needs creates a positive experience that inspires patient activation, and eventually, loyalty. Before you begin strategizing, ask yourself: what would it take for patients to become effective and informed managers of their... Read More >

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3 Reasons Doctors Should Embrace Shared Decision Making

Real talk: it’s taken the medical profession far too long to embrace transparency with our patients -- and many of us still have some distance to cover before we get there. But shared decision making -- in...Read More >

Good Technology Can Be the Foundation of A Great Operation

There’s increasing evidence that a big -- and long overdue -- shift is happening in how we deliver medical care in this country. We’re seeing growing recognition that the current model incentivizes all the wrong behaviors --...Read More >

9 Ways to Develop a Patient-Centered Practice

Developing a patient-centered practice is incredibly beneficial to those involved. It empowers patients, facilitates education and communication, and forges trusting relationships between a diverse set of caregivers, patients, and families. Ultimately, the patient-centered care model creates a...Read More >

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    Why Welkin’s Care Management Platform Is the Patient Engagement Solution You’ve Been Looking For

    You don’t need to see decades’ worth of research to know that informed, involved patients tend to have better outcomes and are more satisfied with your care. A patient engagement solution can lead to healthier lifestyles and habits, making it easier to adhere to your care plan. Engaged patients expect quality care on their terms, and are less willing to accept any delays or inconveniences...Read More >

    Earning 5 Stars For Patient Satisfaction in Healthcare

    Just as you diligently prepare your space for optimal patient safety, you should also nurture the quality of care you provide to improve patient satisfaction at every touchpoint. You can achieve this next-level standard of care with your own team by implementing best practices for patient satisfaction in healthcare. What is patient satisfaction in healthcare? Patient satisfaction is a measure of the quality care determined...Read More >

    What Is Patient-Centered Care

    What is patient-centered care? It’s a healthcare partnership that integrates patients’ values and preferences into clinical decisions to achieve physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and sometimes even financial wellness. Ultimately, the patient-centered care model creates a community of care that makes healing and learning less stressful, more effective, and more fulfilling for both patients and providers. Elements of patient-centered care The Institute of Medicine answered...Read More >

    4 Ways Care Teams Can Help Vaccine-Hesitant Patients

    Today, 123.9 million people in the US have been vaccinated -- and that number is something to celebrate. But the news of a pause in giving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, due to six instances of a rare blood clotting disorder, is almost sure to give the vaccine-hesitant additional concern. No matter what, the reality is still that a return to normalcy still requires “70 to...Read More >

    Putting Providers at the Heart of Care Management Technology: Say Hello to the New Welkin Health

    One of the most powerful questions you can ask as a leader is this: If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?  A year ago I took the helm as CEO of Welkin Health -- and it was in a strategy session shortly thereafter where we asked this question. In the intervening weeks, we also formed a new team, launched...Read More >

    Whole-Person Care Comes Full Circle

    A patient who arrives at a healthcare provider’s office—whether it’s a primary care clinic or a medical center—is often bringing more than an ailing body. Human beings are multi-dimensional; they require whole-person care to nurture the body, mind, and spirit to achieve wellness. So it makes sense that the diagnosis and treatment of physical health, mental health, behavioral health, social health, and spiritual health should...Read More >

    Resilience, Recharging, and Recalibration: What I Won’t Forget, Thanks to the Pandemic

    Just a year ago this month, we began a collective journey, retreating to our homes, becoming more familiar with our four walls than we ever thought possible, creating a new normal for ourselves and our families almost overnight. Today we look back and that classic saying seems on target: what a difference a year makes. We have not one vaccine but several that work really...Read More >

    Telehealth: Benefits and Challenges to Consider When Implementing the Healthcare of the Future

    Telehealth had been redefining healthcare for years before COVID-19 sped up the adoption of this convenient, efficient, and effective delivery model. Providers and patients alike who still have reservations about using telehealth may not be informed about its vast workflow and outcome benefits. Top telehealth benefits and challenges Telehealth is the use of telecommunication technology—computers and mobile devices—to support virtual care, health education for patients,...Read More >