How Femtech is Transforming Women's Health and Wellness

Femtech has carved itself a serious place in the healthcare industry, and rightfully so. With women making 80% of healthcare decisions and about 70% of all buying decisions, this relatively new field of medicine is giving women more power over their health. According to a study by Emergen Research, the... Read More >

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How to Improve the Virtual Healthcare Experience

Since the start of the pandemic, many healthcare facilities have embraced the power of telemedicine. Being able to treat patients with the help of modern technology like video chat and artificial intelligence can be helpful for both...Read More >

secure healthcare platform

The Importance of Implementing a Secure Healthcare Platform in 2022

Technology has made a significant contribution to healthcare and medicine. Nowadays, patient portals and online healthcare sharing are common, and they make it easier for medical professionals to monitor their patients. Sharing patient information enables medical professionals...Read More >

How Technology Can Support Clinical Trials

Clinical trials run the gamut, from medical devices to therapeutics and drug studies, but they’re all united by the need to prove their safety for human use — and to verify they perform according to their intended...Read More >

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    5 Ways Software Can Help You Take Care of Patients

    The field of digital health is expected to continue growing as new innovative solutions are introduced, changing the face of the healthcare industry as we know it. The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed virtual medicine to the forefront of the industry, proving that virtual healthcare has valuable solutions to offer to both patients and care providers. Care teams that utilize patient care software are better equipped...Read More >

    A Guide to Regulatory Compliance While Developing a Healthcare Application

    What makes or breaks a healthcare application is the level of security or privacy measures integrated in a software.  To implement privacy and security measures, one essential ingredient required while developing a healthcare application is regulatory compliance.  Regulatory compliances cost a fortune for the healthcare industry. The expenditure on administration to support compliance measures for an average community hospital with 161 beds is around $7.6...Read More >

    Integrating Behavioral Health Into Your Practice

    To care for the whole patient, you have to treat the body as well as the mind. Behavioral health is critical to our physical and mental well-being, but it is often overlooked and not integrated within primary care practices. We all know that humans are creatures of habit. Our daily habits and behaviors make us who we are. When viewed holistically, the sum of our...Read More >

    Utilizing Hybrid Medicine To Provide Flexibility and Support for Patients

    Everything is going digital, and healthcare solutions aren’t any different. This revolution in healthcare technology was well underway even before the pandemic, but COVID-19 expedited the adoption of digital healthcare solutions, paving the way for convenient, efficient and innovative healthcare services. In a hybrid medicine model, providers and patients can either meet in person or virtually. Care teams and patients can benefit from the model's...Read More >

    What Is Geriatric Care Management?

    Planning and coordinating the care of older adults and staying inclusive of patients suffering from physical or mental impairments can be an uphill battle for patients and their loved ones. Geriatric Care Management is the solution. Geriatric Care Management is a program that helps physicians, care teams, and relatives plan and coordinate the care of aging patients. Through this program, patients receive the help they...Read More >

    Technology Can Lighten the Load for Behavioral and Mental Healthcare

    Behavioral and mental health issues have always been incredibly complex, to say the least, but two factors are making it increasingly apparent that our current healthcare model is spectacularly ill-equipped to effectively provide help. First, mental health disorders are much more widespread than most realize: in 2020 alone one in five Americans experienced a mental health issue and one in 20 live with “a serious...Read More >

    The Future of Womens Care: How Technology Provides More Resources to Women

    The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has completely uprooted the healthcare ecosystem, catapulting the adoption of telehealth and innovative technology. Telehealth’s exponential growth, which is 38 times higher than pre-pandemic levels, has enabled the emergence of new digital healthcare services focused on revolutionizing women’s healthcare. From fertility tracking apps to Chronic Care Management, digital healthcare companies are “at the cutting edge of a growing market focused on...Read More >

    Why Welkin Is the Premier Provider for Integrated Home Healthcare

    There’s no question about it: healthcare providers who want to provide their patients with a truly holistic approach to health and wellness are turning to integrated healthcare. Integrated healthcare brings together a variety of services, including primary care, mental health, and behavioral health services, to ensure optimal health outcomes for every patient. Many studies have shown the benefits of integrated team-based care, including higher quality...Read More >