5 Compelling Reasons Why Your Patients Need Healthcare Navigation

For many people, getting proper medical care can feel like maneuvering through a maze. Even businesses that provide health insurance for their employees are not well-versed in the process. Think of healthcare navigation as the map to guide a patient’s healthcare journey. Patients can’t be expected to know all the... Read More >

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How to Improve Patient Communication

Patient-provider partnerships are vital to making shared decisions on patient care. However, fostering these crucial connections can be difficult when each patient interaction often lasts only minutes. While it may be challenging to implement streamlined communication at...Read More >

Building a Technology Foundation for Patient-Centered Care

I’m Canadian. Growing up, the comment about healthcare was always, “If you have a cold, Canada’s the place to be. If you have a heart attack, you want to be in the U.S.” That’s because the U.S....Read More >

Transforming Musculoskeletal Health: A Deep Dive into Risalto

Today we sit down with Risalto’s Allison Schoeneck, Vice President of Clinical Product, and Molica Anderson, Director of Clinical Implementation, to go deep on using technology and an evidence-based approach to create a better experience with better...Read More >

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Team Member Spotlight: Mallory Martin

At Welkin Health, we believe a company is only as amazing as its people. We’ve dedicated ourselves to improving the lives of care teams and want to show off the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make that happen. We’ll be doing a Q&A with one of our extraordinary team members to show off the people behind the product. Our very own Mallory...Read More >

How Integrated Health Programs Can Help You Provide Whole-Person Care

Integrated health is a global trend in the reformation of healthcare. To implement whole-person care, health organizations have begun to focus on offering coordinated care. Let’s explore why this movement is helping improve care for patients—and how you can bring it to your organization. What is integrated health? Integrated health combines mental healthcare and primary care in one setting for a broader spectrum of services....Read More >

Earning 5 Stars For Patient Satisfaction in Healthcare

You don’t need to be told why patient satisfaction in healthcare should be a priority. And you know it when you see it. The patient that walks out of your office beaming with relief and completely confident in your healing abilities—that’s the perfect candidate for your patient satisfaction survey. Many of your patients leave reviews for other businesses regularly. Providing a positive experience means more...Read More >

It’s Time to Make Telemedicine A Permanent Part of Your Practice. Here’s How.

It’s no great secret: the medical community has not generally loved telemedicine.  The resistance mostly stems from the way we’re trained: that the best care comes from being right there with your patient, able to look them in the eye, to be hands on with the body. It stems from a largely unfounded fear that if we choose a telehealth model, we’ll miss something vital...Read More >

4 Steps to Improving Patient Experience

Patient experience is essentially the sum of all interactions and communications that a patient has with a healthcare organization, as perceived by the patient. Patient experience affects every point of the care delivery model—including revenue, reputation, patient engagement, and ultimately, even patient outcomes. Both in and outside of healthcare, consumers expect efficient, well-designed services to be delivered with outstanding customer service. They are looking for...Read More >

The Benefits of Patient-Centered Care

What is patient-centered care? Patient-centered care focuses on each individual’s unique health needs and takes all facets of their well-being—including emotional, spiritual, social, financial, physical, and mental health—into consideration in order to achieve desired health outcomes. It is a holistic approach that values shared decision-making and active participation from both the patient and their care team. As you will soon see, there are many benefits...Read More >

Welkin Shares: COVID-19 Has Underscored the Necessity of Widespread Telemedicine. So What Comes Next?

As COVID-19 cases climb to more than 2.9M and counting in the US alone, there’s no question that the road to controlling this pandemic is still a long and difficult one. If there’s one small glimmer of hope, however, it might be this: the rising reliance on telemedicine. The coronavirus pandemic is proving the utility of the telehealth care model that -- before now -- hadn’t quite...Read More >

Care Coordination: How to Use the Strengths of Your Team

Your care team is your number one asset in providing exceptional patient care. This is especially true when it comes to primary healthcare teams. While recruiting exceptional individuals is important too, it’s the strength of the team that truly matters. Sometimes, knowing how to use each individual’s strengths effectively can be challenging. Other times, it can be downright frustrating. In smaller organizations, it’s even more...Read More >