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7 Ways To Improve Your Patient Relations

Building Trust and Stronger Relationships with Your Patients: A Guide to Patient Relations in Healthcare Positive patient relations are key to success in healthcare. It's...

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How Much Does Care Management Software Cost?

How Much Does Care Management Software Cost? Healthcare organizations that deliver customized, patient-centered care are more successful when their clinical and administrative staff spend more time on patient care and engagement. Investing in the right care management... Read More >

Technology for Women's Health Matters Today More Than Ever

Women deserve exemplary healthcare. For too long, that’s been denied to us – whether it was the early days where women’s health concerns were dismissed as hysteria or hormones; cancer diagnoses were given to husbands, not wives;... Read More >

An End Of Year Note From Our CEO, Michelle Pampin

As we near the conclusion of this busy year, we wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for your invaluable feedback and collaboration throughout the year. Your insights have played a... Read More >

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    How to Integrate E-Prescribing Treatment Into Your Care Management System

    E-prescribing is the electronic transfer of a patient’s prescription directly to the pharmacy. Clinicians who e-prescribe can do so securely and easily using a tablet or computer. E-prescribing has many... Read More >

    3 Reasons Why Your Current Patient Scheduling Process Is Inefficient

    Healthcare organizations focused on providing high-quality, patient-centered care know that they need to spend more time with patients and less on tedious administrative tasks. Manual scheduling processes require significant staff... Read More >

    What Is Patient Scheduling Software?

    Patient scheduling software is a necessary tool for any healthcare organization focused on patient-centered care. Offering multiple user interfaces, integrating with patient health data, streamlining appointment reminders, and reducing calendar... Read More >

    Empowering Patients: How Healthcare CRMs Facilitate Understanding of Chronic Health Conditions

    In the United States, six in ten Americans live with a chronic disease. Four in ten Americans live with two or more chronic conditions. Individuals living with chronic illness tend... Read More >

    Everything You Need to Know About the 3 Types of Healthcare CRMs

    Customer relationship management (CRM) should be a top priority of any successful business today – including healthcare organizations. CRM approaches centralize and analyze data to allow organizations to understand who... Read More >

    How Technology Provides Relief When Supporting Shortages in Medical Staff

    In recent years, the healthcare sector has been hit hard by staffing shortages. Studies project that the U.S. will face serious healthcare worker shortages in the next decade. The healthcare... Read More >

    Why Healthcare IT Is a Crucial Technology Service

    Healthcare information technology has played a major role in the advancement of healthcare in recent years. The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act of 2009 helped... Read More >

    Femtech and the Newest Evolution of Women’s Care Technology

    New research and advances in healthcare and technology are growing exponentially. As part of this rapid growth, more companies are focusing on solutions for women’s health. Women make up half... Read More >

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