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Customize Action Bar

Customizing Action Bar

The Welkin Action Bar is customizable from the Designer tool. Customers can add and remove Welkin provided action buttons and can also configure custom action buttons to suit the needs of their care program. The action bar is located under the patient banner within the Patient’s Profile. These buttons can access the patient specific Communication Center, Zoom Video, and external websites.  Note: only 8 icons are available to customize.

Customizing Action Bar

The Action Bar is customizable in Designer.  Follow these steps:

  1. On the left legend, under Patient, select “Action Bar”
  2. Click on “+ Add Action Button”
  3. Drag and drop from “Available” to “Visible” the desired action button
  4. In the Action Bar Properties you can update: Add Title for the icon, Select Action Button icon from a drop down menu, Add URL
  5. Save changes
  6. Publish configuration
  7. Updates will appear on the Care portal after screen refresh

How To Configure SSO

You can configure SSO by with the following steps:

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