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How To Create an Assessment or Form Template

Designer: How To Create an Assessment or Form Template

An assessment or form template is a set of questions that can be used to collect information from patients or providers. The first step in creating an Assessment is to create the Custom Data Types and Fields. These will format the answer boxes used within an Assessment. Note: A Custom Data Type Field can only be used once in an Assessment but can be utilized in multiple Assessments. 

Once the Assessment Template is created make sure read/write permissions are turned on for the appropriate roles in the Security Policies.

The steps to creating a new Assessment Template are as follows:

  1. Click on “Forms” in the left side blue menu under “Visual Components
  2. Click on the orange  “+ New” button in the top right corner
  3. Add a title for the Assessment. The title will appear as the form’s name in Care
  4. The “Auto complete submitted” check box will cause the Assessment’s data to automatically write to the Custom Data Type Fields used in the Assessment and automatically complete the Assessment in Care without a user needing to manually review and submit the Assessment
  5. Assessments can have as many sections as needed. The default is one section.
    1. Simply click on the “+ Section” button to add more sections
    2. The default name of each section is “Section 1”, “Section 2”, etc. However, the name can be changed by typing in the section name box
  6. The “Question” box is free-form text and where the verbiage for the actual question is added
    1. Either system variables or information populated in a Custom Data Type Field can be displayed in the question
    2. Click on the “+ Variables” button above the question box then select the Custom Data Type and Field
    3. Click on the copy button that appears to the right of the system variable or Custom Data Type Field name and paste it into the question box either by right clicking and choosing ‘Paste’ or using Ctl/Cmd + V on the keyboard
  7. The Custom Data Type and its corresponding Data Field will need to be selected. Again, the Data Field is the answer portion
  8. Choose a “Pre-populated Value” option from the drop-down box if the answer to the question should be pre-populated. The option are “Previous Assessment”, “Template Variable”, and “Default Value”
    1. The answer will be blank if the Custom Data Type Field has not been previously written to 
  9. Check the Required box if the question has to be answered before the Assessment can be completed
  10. Click the “+ Question” button to add additional questions to the section
  11. “+ Text” will add a text box where instructions or other information that is not necessarily associated with a Custom Data Type Field can be displayed
  12. Questions can be reordered by left clicking on a question box and dragging it up or down
  13. Click on the Save button in the bottom right corner when finished.

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