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How to create and configure roles

Designer: How to Configure Roles
Roles is a sub-menu item in the vertical bar on the left side of Designer. It is under the ‘Access Control’ menu.

Roles are used to assign privileges and views to the care team. Each Role has an associated security policy that governs the user’s interaction with data in Care, and also defines what elements of the Care application they have available.

To configure Roles:

Step 1) Click on “Roles” under the “Access Control” Menu.

Step 2) Click on either an existing policy (in the below screen-shot, r-admin-role is an existing policy) or ‘New’ on the right side of the screen.

Step 3) Name the policy. The name has to be lower case letters, numbers, underscor

es, or hyphens. Clicking the space bar will automatically add a hyphen to the name.

Step 4) Add a Security Policy(s) to the Role using the drop down menu.

*Click here to learn more about creating a Security Policy.

Step 5) Create a description for the Role.Best practice is to add a description of the
role’s purpose, although it is not a mandatory
Field. Notice the rights under the “Navigation
Menu” heading say either ‘Full’ or ‘Limited’.
These are the settings applied to the Role by
selecting the sp-admin Policy.

Step 6) To configure which Navigation Menu items will show in Care for the policy, click the + sign next to each item needing to appear under the ‘Available Menu Items’ column. This moves the item under the ‘Visible Menu Items’ column. The items can be moved and re-ordered as needed.

Step 7) Click ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom right of the screen once all configurations have been made.

*Note: Below is a view of the Navigation Menu items in Care.

More Questions?
To find more information regarding role configuration, please visit the Welkin Health Knowledge-Base or contact your Implementation/CSM for more information.