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Designer: How to Configure Scored Assessments

Designer: How to Configure Scored Assessments

A scored assessment allows you to numerically represent the outcome of an assessment.

After creating the question of the assessment, select “Scoring Groups” and click on “+Group”

Enter a title for the scoring group

Then, select the Data Type Field that you want to associate a numerical value with. Only list type values are available.

The CDT selected will show the corresponding answers for which you can assign the numerical value

To add another field, select “+Field”

Continue to add fields for the CDTs of the assessment for which you want to assign a numerical value and would like to be used in the scoring of the assessment.

To add a new scoring group, select “+Group”

Adding additional scoring groups allows you to compute different scores within the same assessment.

When finished, click on “Save Changes”

When an assessment has been completed, the scoring group will calculate the indicated numerical value when the assessment is selected from the patient profile. Remember to update your Security Policies in the “Internal Data Types” area so your users can view any scores.

If you have any questions regarding Scored Assessments, please visit the Welkin Health Knowledge-Base or contact your Implementation Manager or CSM for more information.