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Multi-channel communication

Harness the power of personalization

Drive patient engagement through more communication choices.

Connect with patients
where they are

Managing treatment takes frequent check-ins and communications through a variety of modalities. Welkin’s omni-channel communication capabilities support check-ins through every step of care and give peace of mind to you and your patient that you’re only one message away.

Communication channels


Send and receive emails through our secure, HIPAA compliant service


Connect and manage your organization's phone tree


Use our native HIPAA compliant Zoom for Healthcare integration


Send and receive text and picture messages

In-app chat

Integrate your own app to chat directly with patients


Leverage WhatsApp messaging in Welkin

Communication features


Communication center displays, organizes, and notifies you of all recognized, and un-assigned communications by channel.


Automate email or SMS to your patient based on actions, inactions, upcoming or missed appointments


Choose and analyze patient communications that drive member engagement.

We like the ability to customize [Welkin] ourselves and encode our clinical logic into the platform. We are using Welkin as the platform where we integrate all of the digital tools that power our ecosystem — everything from our patient application to our EMR to our external provider-facing portal.

Allison VP Clinical Product
Make your program more care-centric today.