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Automated Care Delivery

Automate your care program from end-to-end

Clinical workflows that reduce the friction of care

Seamless patient engagement

Create unique processes and escalations based on triggers, conditions, and actions. Welkin enhances efficiency by guiding patients through their care plan intelligently and prioritizing what’s important. Reduce operational burden and empower your team to focus on providing exceptional care.

What we automate


Initiate assessments based on program events and automate subsequent actions based on received responses that require notification, task assignment, or escalations.

Programs & phases

Guide patients through various programs and phases as they progress, update care team members, and schedule meetings to ensure no one is left behind.


Establish escalation pathways for events that require monitoring such as adverse events, out-of-range results, specific patient responses, or lack of engagement.


Communicate with your patients based on their actions or inactions, upcoming or missed appointments, or communication receipts.

Team alerts

Automate internal alerts or trigger email or SMS notifications to care team members based actions or inactions, upcoming or missed appointments.

Email sequences

Automate email campaigns to nurture patients or potential patients by creating lists within Welkin.


Create and assign tasks to users based on triggers, conditions, and actions.

Calendar events

Automatically schedule single or recurring patient encounters, notify the care team, and send communication notifications and reminders for the appointments.

Make your program more care-centric today.