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Interoperability between different applications is required for seamless workflows across a care program. Welkin webhooks provide data to other applications immediately when it becomes available in the Care Portal. Customers of Welkin can configure endpoints for Welkin events to get the data to ensure clinicians have an integrated workflow between the multiple systems they use for care management.

Real Time
Enjoy real time API notifications in addition to our currently supported notifications. This will allow for real time notifications in addition to scheduled notifications that occur every 60 seconds.

Webhooks: Functionality and location

Configuration for Webhooks can be found under Integrations in Admin and includes additional flexibility and testing capabilities. 

Updated features:

  • Test your Webhook by clicking on “test” and send dummy data to confirm that your Webhook is working
  • Edit by viewing source code so you can code for UI
  • You now have the ability to filter Webhooks
  • UI Updates to Webhooks to match our design style