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Presentation: Customized Layouts and Action Bar

These are display settings for how to see data views in Care.

Customized Layouts 

Customized Data Layouts provide our customers with the flexibility to group and display data with their preferences. The Data Views are used to build the different layouts needed for care programs. Layouts are role based so that users see information that is relevant for their role only. Our layouts will allow you to display and organize your program content in a way that is meaningful for your organization. It is presented as the navigation menu when you are within a patient’s profile. You will have full control of the location of the data views within the layouts, the layout titles, and the roles that should be able to access the layout.

Action Bar

Our action bar is customizable from the Designer tool. Customers can add and remove Welkin provided action buttons and can also configure custom action buttons to suit the needs of their care program. The action bar is located under the patient banner within the patient’s profile. These buttons access the patient specific Communication Center, Zoom Video, and external websites.