Twilio: A2P Questions & Answers

We know that you may have questions regarding the new regulations for SMS, and the recent A2P campaign document that your team is completing. 

Please see below regarding some popular questions and answers we have received from Welkin clients:

Is there a list of words or phrases that cannot be in an SMS that will get rejected?

Carriers have their own filtering logic. Twilio has seen words such as: cannabis, mushrooms, sweepstakes, etc get filtered because this content is not allowed over SMS.

How would a client know when a message gets rejected?  Will a rationality/reason be included in the rejection? 

Message logs will show if the message was filtered by the carrier with a ‘30007’ error code. For specific reasons regarding the rejection – a ticket would be entered to Twilio support (via the Welkin CSM team).  

If the opt-in message is on the client website or terms and conditions page, do print screens need to be provided?

Yes, a print screen or document needs to accompany the campaign registration.

Do most successful campaigns include an opt-in/opt-out/help message?  For each message template, do we need to include an opt-in/opt-out/help message?

Yes, most successful campaigns include the opt in / opt out information on every message template, so carriers know that you are including this information on the first message you send to a recipient.

What reason would a campaign type be denied?

When should they NOT select the mix use campaign type

  • If your campaign has only one use case, like notifications.  In that case, you will only need to select notifications.
  • If your campaign has multiple use cases like notifications, customer care, marketing etc, then you would need to declare it as mixed.

What do appointment reminders get categorized as? 

Customer care would be an appropriate campaign for this use case

If a client wants to add a phone number to an existing approved campaign, do they have to go through the process again or can the new phone number be added

No, another approval will not be needed. Once the campaign is approved, the new phone number can be added to the messaging service that is associated with the campaign.

For more information regarding billing practices – please refer to What pricing and fees are associated with the A2P 10DLC service

For more information regarding regulatory and compliance information – please refer to Guidelines