Care: Feature Overview – Roles

Roles are used to assign privileges and views to the care team in Care.  Each Role has an associated security policy or policies that govern the user’s interaction with data in Care, and also define what elements of the Care application they have available to them.  All users in Welkin are required to have at least one Role, but they may have as many as allowed by their organization. Note: Roles are created in Designer and assigned to users in Admin.

By clicking on their initials in the top right corner of Care, a user can identify which Role they are assigned to, and switch between Roles if assigned multiple by clicking on “Change Role”.  The user’s current Role is listed to the right of their name.  In this example, Dr. Health Welkin is using the admin role.

Roles determine which tabs in the left menu bar are available.  They manage which Navigation Layouts and Data Views are visible.  They even affect whether the user has read/write access to certain fields in a Custom Data Type (CDT).

In the following photos, the one one top shows the view  Dr. Health Welkin has when using the admin role.  The bottom picture displays Dr. Health Welkin’s access when using the health coach role.  Notice there are more menu tabs, Navigation Layouts, and Data Views available in the admin role.  When using the health coach role, the text in the ‘Patient Note’ and ‘Problem List’ Data View disappear since the role does not have read/write access to these fields.

Admin Role View

Health Coach Role View

Follow this link to learn more about creating Data Views::

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More Questions?

If you have any questions, please visit the Welkin Health Knowledge-Base or contact your Implementation/CSM for more information.