Task Management

Care teams can use tasks to assign and manage the work that needs to be completed within the care program. Task definitions can be configured in the Designer tool if there are repeatable tasks that are required to manage a specific workflow for a patient in the Care Program. Tasks can also be created on the fly, without using a task definition, which gives the care team the flexibility they need to manage the unique care each patient requires.

In Care, My Tasks is a repository of tasks you need to complete or are tracking the progress of. From here you can review/sort/filter tasks, reassign tasks, and navigate from tasks to patient profiles.

Tasks in Welkin Health are used as a method of communicating needed activities for yourself or other members of your care team. This video explains how to best utilize tasks.

Tasks Update (March 2022)

Task functionality has been updated in order to support new use cases and the new updated task UI. Key features:

  • Designer features a new default Task layout where you can add Tasks to patient view and filter tasks by assignee, dates and other fields 
  • New filters allow you to filter tasks by a specific template or custom task
  • See tasks for any user, with the preset default being the current logged in user
  • “Clear All” button removed all filters 
  • Sort by clicking on column name in task list 
  • “Save & Clone” button in task drawer allows you to create many tasks for a patient simultaneously 


From the My Tasks icon on the left navigation bar you’re taken to a list of your open and completed tasks. List can be sorted in a way that works for you.

Tasks are created automatically based on trigger events built by your program administrator but you can also create ad hoc tasks by clicking on “create task”. From here, create a task, assign it, and set a priority. You can also associate a task with a patient and assign a due date. Click “create” to finalize. If you create a task for another user, you’re automatically set as a watcher for that task so you and that user will receive notifications on that task. If you’d like to add watchers or reassign the task, click into the task to make changes. From this screen you can progress a task, make a comment to others assigned to the task, or complete the task.