Patient Profile: Editing Patient Information

The patient profile is where all data for each patient lives. To edit an existing patient demographic:

  • Click on the orange “edit” link at the top of the white patient profile area on the left. Here you can add or edit any necessary information.
  • To add information to an empty or populated data field, click on the “add” link inside of the appropriate field, here you’ll be given the option to add any data that is permitted.
  • Once you add the necessary data, click “add”. If you need to add multiple lines of data for the same data element, you can click save and add another to continue adding.
  • When your new data is added, you’ll see the new data populate on the screen.

How to: Edit Data: 

To edit data, click on an edit link on a completed data field and edit any necessary items before clicking save. Regardless of the type of data you’re interacting with, this process is done the same way throughout the system.

Custom Data Layouts:
Most often your interaction with data will take place on one of your organization’s custom data layouts. These layouts carry custom information that are built specifically for your organization and can vary greatly in content.

To Note:
All data views can be edited and updated with the appropriate permissions. If there’s necessary data missing or you’re unable to interact with the data as you need to, contact your program administrator