Charts & Graphs

The Charts & Graphs feature enables care teams to view trending data for a patient. These special Data Views can show a graphical format of data collected in a custom data type, which makes outliers in data easier to recognize for care team members. Charts and Graphs are a great way to visualize your patient data. They are simple to read and easy to interact with.

Data points:
From any data view with charts you’ll see single or multiple data points that display results from an assessment or loaded into the system via API. If you want to get more details on a particular data point, simply click on that data point  and a window will open up giving you visibility into where that data has been recorded.

Multiple data elements:
In the case of graphs that display multiple data elements you can focus view on a single element by clicking on the data names below to hide them. They will reappear with an additional click.

Troubleshooting Views:
Sometimes you will go into a patient and not see data that you did previously. In this case, your org might have changed settings to display during a certain time period. If this setting needs adjustment, please contact program administrator.