Encounters: Create, Modify, complete

  • New Encounters can be created by clicking on Create Encounter
  • Select Encounter Template (currently only 1)
  • Assign the patient for the Encounter and select Confirm
  • Modify the Encounter by selecting the new encounter and entering in information.

Encounters can also be created from the patient profile

Encounters are also broken into the same 3 categories as under the Encounters tab (In Progress, Planned and Completed/Cancelled)

Start Encounter

  • Click into Encounter and click Start
  • Update Disposition, Complete Notes assessment and add Comments, if applicable
  • If not using Notes Assessments, select Trashcan icon to delete before Completing
  • Click on Complete to finalize Encounter when finished
  • If Encounters need to be reopened, select encounter from Completed list and click “Reopen”