Patient Profile

The patient profile is where all data for each patient lives. Next to the patient name is a link to “edit” where you can add or change patient demographic info, assign preferred communication schedules, and assign yourself and other users to the patient’s care team. 

Additionally, all patient profiles have links to the Communications Center from the icons under the patient’s name.  Email, phone, chat, and SMS are all accessible here.  There is also an icon to access Zoom video. 

Below the icons are a number of data layouts and views that you can review and modify.  Which layouts you see is completely customizable. They include both custom layouts (ie. Clinical Summary and Vitals) built in Designer, as well as Welkin system layouts (Assessments, Care Plans, Encounters, Documents) pre-built and available to use.  

  • Patient Summary:  Custom layout. Patient extended demographics and insurance info
  • Medical History: Custom layout. Medical History, Family Medical History, Hospitalizations
  • Clinical Summary: Custom Layout. Primary Diagnosis, Visit Note, Active Problems, Allergies, Active Medications
  • Program Summary: Custom Layout. Enrolled Treatment Programs
  • Metrics and Score: Custom Layout. Charts of SDOH and PHQ-9 results over time 
  • Vitals:  Custom Layout.  Charts of Blood Pressure, Glucose Meter reading, Body Weight, Body Temperature, Resting Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate
  • Labs:  Custom Layout.  Charts of Creatinine, Potassium, Sodium, Urea
  • Assessments:  System Layout.  Access to In Progress, Completed and new Assessments and Forms to complete with patients 
  • Care Plans:  System Layout.  Custom Care plans with patient goals
  • Encounters:  System  Layout.  Patient-specific encounters 
  • Documents:  System Layout.  Document archive for scans, assessment/note copies, and other documents 

Please visit our other Knowledge Base Articles: Patient Profile: Editing Patient Info and My Patients: Creating and Searching for Patients to learn more.