Calendar: Setting Up Working Hours

Calendar: Defining Working Hours 

Working hours can be defined by each individual on the team. To set up your own working hours:

  • In the Care portal, navigate to your Calendar from the left hand green menu
  • Select the small gear icon next to the white +Event button on the top right hand corner, right below the main menu bar.
  • Your Working Hours setup will appear. Here you can define your working hours by day of the week. Note: you can add more than one group of hours per day by clicking “Add time”.
  • Working hours persist week to week when day’s box is checked, but can be changed at any time

Important details things to note:

  • Working hours are required for phone tree to operate correctly
  • Each individual must log in and define their own working hours, they are login specific. A manager or other individual on the team cannot define them at this time. However, there is a workaround using APIs if this functionality is needed. Just ask your customer success manager!