The Calendar enables users to book appointments with patients, or add other non-patient events, like team meetings or training. Users can set up their availability by configuring the work hours for their calendar. Users with the correct permissions will have a multi-user view of the calendar to ensure coverage of shifts or see who is available across a care team. Our calendar API will allow our customers to integrate their own calendar with Welkin Care Portal.

The calendar icon on the left side menu allows you to view or modify any events that you have scheduled in the Welkin system. These calendar events can come from multiple sources inside the system and out. This includes: 

  • Calendar with day/week/month view
  • Ability to set working hours
  • Create/edit/remove events
  • Assign events to individuals or groups of patients

You can view your calendar for the day, week, or month. As a calendar user you also have the ability to select your hours using the gear icon. Select the days of the week and hours of work and whether or not this is a permanent schedule. Once completed, click save.

To set a new event, click create event or the time and date you’d like to schedule. Through new event window, set title for your event, mode and event type and make any changes to the date and time as needed. You can also associate the event with one or multiple patients and provide a description and color code. Click “create” to finalize.

If you experience any issues to set working hours or interacting with the calendar, please contact your program administrator to review your security settings.

Events vs Encounters

Encounters automatically create an event on users calendars.  Events do not create a coinciding Encounter. Use Encounters to schedule communications with Patients so they appear on your calendar.

Other Calendars

Other users calendars can be viewed by adding their names to the Other Calendars box. This is useful for booking on co-workers calendars.