Care: Feature Overview – Patients list

The Patients list in Care provides a filterable and sortable list of all patients a user has access to.  It is indicated in the vertical navigation bar by three overlapping silhouettes.

Clicking on the icon will initially open a list of all patients where the user is a member of the care team.  This includes both patients where the user is the primary contact, and those where they are not.

The columns on display are controlled by your organization through your particular configuration, but typically include items such as Name, Contact information, Care Team, and Program.  

See Designer documentation to configure here.

There are a number of filters across the top of the list including:

  • DOB
  • Program
  • Phase
  • Region
  • Territory
  • Timezone
  • Care Member

These filters can be used to change the data on display.  Some filters such as Phase are dependent on another filter before activating (Program in this case).  The data displayed can also be sorted by clicking on the columns to place them in alphabetical order.  Any changes to the filters will persist throughout your session unless changed again.

There is also a patient search box in the upper right of the interface.  This search will only provide results based on what is currently available through the filtered options.  Users can also change the default number of items per page on the left of the box, and change the page of data via the control on the right.  Vertical and horizontal scroll bars are displayed as needed.

If your organization allows for the manual creation of new patients, there is also an orange “Create” button in the upper right of the display that is used to create new patients.

More Questions?

If you have any questions, please visit the Welkin Health Knowledge-Base or contact your Implementation/CSM for more information.