Another way to enter data into the welkin system is through Forms and Assessments. Forms and Assessments are devices for structured data entry. To access, you’ll click into a patient profile and click “assessments”. from here you’ll see a list of in progress and completed assessments. The list can be searched for by name or can be sorted by clicking any of the column headers.

To create a new assessment:

  • Click the orange “start assessment” button
  • You’ll be presented a list of available assessments appropriate for the patient at this point in their journey. Select from any assessment template to continue
  • Fill in assessment answers
  • Click finalize once completed
  • If you’re not ready to finalize, click “finish later” or simply close via the x above and all answers will be saved
  • If you’re unable to finalize, make sure there are no mandatory fields that remain empty

Once assessment has been completed:
Once assessment finalized, it will show completed assessment on the list, and any data fields it was designed to populate will update real time to show your results

Note: Assessments must be finalized before completing another assessment of the same template

Where to find assessment score, if relevant:
Some assessments calculate a score once completed, this score is visible in the upper right when you open up a completed assessment.