Forms and Assessments

Another way to enter data into the welkin system is through Forms and Assessments. Forms and Assessments are devices for structured data entry.


Patient facing assessments

Patient facing forms are used to collect information directly from patients and are sent to patients via the Communication Center by Email or SMS. When completed by patients, the data collected in the form is available to review in the Care portal. 

Scoring assessments

The form builder has a new feature that allows applying numerical values to answers for questions that would be used for scoring calculations. These values can be added up to present a score. PHQ, GAD, DASS, Braden, Morse Fall, CAGE and other simple scoring assessments can be configured and used for care programs. Scores that are calculated from these assessments can be displayed in charts and graphs to carefully track progress of patients in a care program.


The form builder in the Designer tool provides customization for notes, assessments, surveys, questionnaires, or any other data collection form required for a care program. Conditional logic can be used to control questions that are displayed/hidden when completing a form. Data collected within forms can be displayed in Data Views and presented in customized layouts. Forms can be saved as In Progress if it cannot be completed in one session or if it needs to be finalized by another