Labs: Health Gorilla

For a more comprehensive overview, please download this PDF. 

Labs integration with Health Gorilla enables clinical teams to order labs through 100s of lab vendors. Lab results can also be received electronically, and care teams are notified when they are available to view. 

When the Health Gorilla Labs integration is configured, a Labs (beaker icon) Action button will be visible under the Patient’s Profile. This is how a care team member will launch into Health Gorilla to Order Labs and view information about orders and results for a patient.

Health Gorilla Sub-Menu

Using the Labs Action button, a menu of items will be presented with the actions that are supported. 

Place New Order – Create a new lab order for the patient

Results Trending Data – View historical lab results in a graphical format

Patient Orders – View all lab orders that have been created for the patient

Patient Results – View all lab results that have been received for the patient

Ordering Labs

To order a new lab test, choose “Place New Order” from the menu. This will open the Diagnostics Order screen in Health Gorilla. 

A list of Lab Vendors will be displayed to choose from. The green “E” next to the lab vendor name symbolizes that the lab vendor is electronically connected, meaning lab orders can be sent and received electronically for this vendor. 

NOTE: For Lab Vendors that are not set up for electronic orders/results, you can still create orders and submit the Lab Order via Fax or send a paper copy via Patient or other means.

Select a vendor and click the green “Continue” button to move to the next step.

Choose all lab tests that are to be included in the order, by selecting the lab test name OR use “Quick Orders” to choose a group of lab tests that you have saved as a quick order. In this example, the “A1 RBC Antigen Typing” test and “Everyday Orders” Quick Order was selected. The “Everyday Orders” includes a Lipid Panel and CBC, resulting in an order with three lab tests.

For each order, the priority and notes can be added, but are not required. Notes and fasting instructions can also be added for the whole order. When all details have been added, click the green “Continue” button to move to the next step. 

Add further details and instructions you would like to include with the order. You can also choose to move to the next step and bypass adding any information to this screen by clicking the green “Continue” button

  • Select Patient Diagnosis – search by name or ICD-10 code to add one or more Diagnosis for the patient.
  • Ordering Physician will default to the user logged in, or will show a list of providers that the user can order on behalf of. 
  • Specimen for the Order Collected – Check this if collected during time of visit and add date/time.
  • Schedule Future Orders – create a schedule for future lab orders and labs that need to be repeated. 
  • Bill To  will be pre-populated based on configuration preferences. 
  • Save as Quick Order – Create a new quick order that will be added to your quick orders lists.

Once all details have been entered, Click green “Continue” to move to the next step in the ordering process.

In the final step of ordering, a Lab Requisition form will be presented. This allows you to review for correctness. The selected Lab Vendor is electronically connected. To submit the lab order, click the green “Submit” button. You can also choose to Print the form, if you would like a paper copy to give to the Patient or you can choose to Fax the form. (Faxing will require a fax number set up with Health Gorilla)

After the Lab Order has been created and submitted in Health Gorilla, a copy of the Lab Requisition form will be available in Welkin Documents within the patient’s profile, for future reference if needed. 

View the document by clicking on the one you would like to view.

View Trending Data

The Results Trending Data menu item will show you a graphical view of the lab results for the patient.

Each test result will display on the graph and allow you to choose a date to view the detailed results.

View Patient Orders

The Patient Orders menu option will allow you to view all orders that have been placed for the patient. 

This provides a chronological view of all orders that have been placed for this patient via Health Gorilla. There are many actions that can be performed on the order from here. The most common would be “Change” or “Reorder”, which would create a new lab order for this patient. Any documentation that is completed for the order in Health Gorilla will be saved in Health Gorilla. It does not get saved in Welkin. 

View Patient Results

The Patient Results menu will show all Lab Results received for the patient via Health Gorilla.

A chronological list of Lab Results for the patient will be displayed in Health Gorilla Labs/Diagnostics.

The result will also be uploaded to Welkin in the Documents for the Patient. Choose the Lab Result you would like view by clicking on it in the list.

In addition to receiving the lab result  PDF as a document in Welklin, a Task and Task Notification will be created to make the care team members aware of the lab result being available for the patient.

A Task for the Primary contact for the patient is created and the whole Care Team is notified of the Task for Lab Result.

Additional Note

When a clinician launches into Health Gorilla from Welkin for the first time, they will be presented with a Terms of Use agreement. This is a one time step, once the agreement is accepted, you will not see this again and can proceed to use Health Gorilla to place your Lab Orders. 

To learn how to configure labs, please visit this article.