Care Plans: Goal Tracking

Care Plans are a way to track and manage the progress of patients in a Care Program. Welkin Care Plan goal templates allow you to create a structure for best practices for a goal type that is set for the patient. The Care Plan goal templates are fully customizable and can be formatted to contain the interventions that make sense for your care program. Users of the care plan can easily make adjustments to the care plan goal templates, to fit the needs of their patients.

Navigate to Care Plans

To see a care plan, you’ll navigate to the Care Plans in each patient profile in Care. Note, you can change this nomenclature to whatever makes sense for your organization so it might be called something different. For instance in the screenshot below it’s called “Care Journey Summary”. From there, you’ll see a Patient Overview, where you can edit a high level summary of your patient.

Patient Goal Tracking

“Active Goals” is where you can set goals for your patient. You’ll click “Create” at the top right of the section to create a new goal for your patient. You can also click into each created goal to edit that goal and to see associated tasks assigned to that goal. You can edit a goal by clicking on it in Care. There you can mark it as active or completed, add notes, and add tasks

*Note, in order to create a new goal, you’ll have to have goal templates already set up. Your Admin will create the goal template types in Designer, and assign each role the goal templates in order for them to be able to create them. If you don’t have access, please contact your admin to get this set up.

Associating Tasks to a Patient Goal
You can also add tasks directly to a patient goal, to ensure that the patient stays on track and that you’re monitoring these goals closely.