Stripe: Setup and Configuration

Overview: Stripe Setup

Welkin Health provides your organization the ability to collect payments directly through the Care user interface utilizing Stripe.  To enable this configuration, the following steps are completed by the customer and Welkin teams*:

Deliverable/StepResponsible party (Customer/Welkin)
Enable IntegrationWelkin
Create CDT/Data View for Pre-visit costWelkin
Create CDTs/Assessment for ClaimsWelkin
Create/modify Encounter templates for billable eventsCustomer
Assign Pre-visit cost Data View to layoutCustomer
Enable and permission API/WebhookCustomer

Step 1: Contracting

Complete contracting process with Welkin Sales or CSM team

Step 2: Enable Integration

Welkin CSM and integration team will take steps internally to enable the integration

Step 3: Create CDT for Pre-visit cost (Optional step – only needed if customer wants to save personal fee in CDT and pre-populate it for Encounter)

Welkin Health will create a CDT called “cdt-personal-fee” with CDTF “cdtf-fee”, and a Data View “uicte-pre-visit-cost” to use in the Encounter templates.  Ensure this is set as an integer field.  

Step 4: Create CDTS/Assessment for Claims (optional)

Welkin Health will create a set of CDTs and CDTFs that are used in an Assessment required for Candid Health integration.  The Assessment name is “Billing Form.”  This form will be added to the Encounter Templates for any billable events.

Step 5: Create Encounter Templates for billable events

Each Encounter template type can optionally be used to collect for billable events.  For general creation of Encounters, please see this article from the Welkin Health Knowledge Base: Encounter Creation.

Once an Encounter template is created, you can enhance it to configure for billable events.

  • In Designer, open the Encounter Templates section, and select the Encounter you would like to enable for billing
  • Scroll to the bottom of the window that opens on the right side until you can see the “Billing” section of fields
  • Assign a “Service Cost” for this type of event
  • Assign a “Pre-visit cost” using the “cdt-personal-fee” and “cdtf-fee” values 

Step 6: Assign Pre-visit Data View to Layout (optional)

Map the data view “uicte-pre-visit-cost” to the appropriate Navigation (Layout) per the usual Layout process here:  Navigation Layouts.

Step 7: Enable and permission API/Webhook

The API to connect to Welkin needs to be created in Stripe and loaded to the customer’s Admin panel:  

  • Login to Stripe and Navigate to the Developers tab in the upper right
  • Click the “API Keys” tab
  • Click “Create secret key”
  • Name the key
  • Copy and store the key provided.  You will add this to Admin in Welkin
  • Click on the “Webhooks” tab
  • Click “Add endpoint” on the right of the screen
  • Load the endpoint URL for the environment you are connecting in the following format: “[[organization-name]]/[[environment-name]]/payment/webhooks”
  • Change the “Version” dropdown so it reads “Latest API version” 
  • Permission the webhook for all event types:
    1) click “Select events/ 2) click the “Select all events” radio box 3) click “Add events”4) finish by clicking “Add endpoint”
  • Click back into the new webhook and copy the webhook key by clicking also on “Reveal” under the Signing Secret
  • In Admin, navigate to the “Integrations” menu item and the “Stripe” tab, and save the API and Webhook keys under the environment you are connecting

Step 8: Testing

Coordinate testing with your Integration or CSM Manager at Welkin to ensure your workflows are working as desired.

Note: Your configuration can slightly differ from the above, based on your needs to assign different costs to Encounter types, how you’d like to store and record patient Pre-visit costs, and if you’re also using Candid Health, among other factors.  Your Implementation or CSM Manger will discuss this and provide additional instruction on novel use cases.  

More Questions?

If you have any questions, please visit the Welkin Health Knowledge-Base or contact your Implementation/CSM for more information.