eRX: IDP Quick Tips

Dr. First – IDP Quick Tips

The Dr. First identity proofing process is a requirement to onboard providers to the Dr. First platform for electronic prescribing.

This process involves two third party entities: InfinID and Experian.

  • InfinID is the application being utilized by Dr. First for the identity proofing process  and verification.
  • Experian is the credit bureau where information provided by the provider is validated against.

While IDP onboarding can go quite smoothly – there can also be issues that need to be resolved with these vendors to get providers onboarded.  If a provider is not able to provide the correct information to confirm their identity, there are issues with their credit profile (such as a freeze), or other unidentified issues – Welkin is glad to assist – we can work with Dr. First to inquire from Experian the cause of the failure and assist the provider in rectifying the issue.  However, it should be noted that Welkin or Dr. First can not bypass this process should a provider not meet the standards of identity proofing.

This document is to assist in providing tips on a smooth identity proofing process for providers.

Have all required documents and their cellular phone ready when you start IDP: Driver’s License, NPI Number. Credit Card (more information on this in the following bullet points), Cellular Phone (more information on this in the following bullet points)

  • It is important for the provider to enter their mobile phone number. If Experian can verify that it is a mobile phone number, and the provider is  the primary account holder, they will send a text message with the IDP transaction number. If the provider does not enter their mobile number, or it cannot be verified, Experian will mail a letter with the  IDP transaction number which takes 3-5 business days to arrive.
  • Entering a credit card number can greatly increase the chances of passing IDP. It must be VISA or MasterCard, and must be a personal credit card. Only the first 8 digits are required and no charges will be applied.
  • If a provider is not successful on their first attempt – they should verify the information they are submitting against their credit report.  Providers can go to > login > pull their free credit report > confirm Experian has all of the following information correct: Name, SSN, Credit Card, Address (Best on File) 
  • A common error during the IDP process is when a provider receives the text message (or postal mail) with their transaction number – they do not complete the final step; which is to enter the transaction number in the IDP process screen.  If this is not completed in a timely manner according to how they received the transaction number, they will need to receive a new invitation:
    • If receiving the transaction number by mail – the transaction number is valid for 30 days.  The provider would go back and click on the link in the email they received to enter this transaction number once received.  
    • If receiving the transaction number by text – The transaction number expires after one  week (7 days). The page itself where they would enter the code expires after 15 minutes; however,  the provider can go back to the ‘Congratulations email’ where they can enter the transaction code.
  • After entering the transaction number – the provider will receive an email with a confirmation number – this should be sent to the client administrator – or to complete the IDP verification process. 
  • This document, Dr. First – IDP Quick Tips, as well as the LOA2 Training Guide (which outlines the workflow of IDP and the steps the provider must follow) should be sent to the provider to utilize in assisting their efforts in completing this process.  These documents will be saved in your Welkin share drive > Integrations > Dr. First.  
  • If a provider is unsuccessful in their attempt to complete IDP, please enter a JSM ticket so Welkin can attempt to identify the point of failure, provide guidance, and re-issue a new invitation. 

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