Labs: Creating a Quick Order Lab in Health Gorilla

Labs: Creating Quick Lab Panels in Health Gorilla

If your not already familiar with creating Lab orders in Health Gorilla, check out this article here to guide you: Creating Lab Orders in Health Gorilla.

If your organization has a lab panel that is used frequently – this can be created as a quick order. Once created, quick orders will show at the top of the order screen in the Health Gorilla ordering workflow.


To create a quick order, initiate a new order as you typically would within Health Gorilla and select the lab for which this Quick Order should be associated with.


Next, select the labs which should be associated with the panel you are creating, which can be found on the left side of the screen. After selected, labs will appear in the right hand panel under the patient’s name. Review the order and make sure that this includes the labs to be included in the panel.

If the panel is created incorrectly, or needs modification, a JIRA ticket will need to be entered to modify and delete the quick order once it has been created.


On the next screen, select the “Save as Quick Order” checkbox and enter a name for the new panel. By selecting the Continue button and submitting the order, you will also have created the Quick Order.