Designer: Phone Tree Implementation

Basic and Advanced Phone Tree Implementation

Phone Trees are utilized in Welkin to route patient calls according to predetermined logic. The Welkin implementation includes a basic phone tree. If your organization requires call routing with more advanced features please contact your CSM/Implementation Specialist with your requirements to obtain a CSR.

Basic/Standard Phone Tree

As part of your Welkin Implementation you have the option of setting up a standard phone tree.

Clients can choose 4 decision types / options from the list below to be included in the Standard Phone Tree setup.

  • Business Hours
  • User work hours
  • Leave event logic
  • Patient Language
  • Recognized/Unrecognized caller
  • Number Input logic (press 1 for XXX, press 2 for YYY)
  • Region/Territory routing logic
  • 1 VM message

Below is an example of a simple phone tree that can be created in Lucidchart, Visio, or some other flowchart tool and given to Welkin Support for implementation.

***Additional inclusions will be reviewed by our Engineering team for PSE work and billed at an additional cost. Timelines for additional features may be outside standard implementation windows
***Welkin has the capability to stand up a 2nd phone number. Please reach out to your Implementation Lead or CSM for details

Advanced Phone Tree

An advanced phone tree contains more options and functionality than the basic/standard phone tree.

Please note – advanced phone tree’s will often require additional engineering time and are often release dependent. If you plan to utilize an advanced phone tree, it is recommended to have your requirements available early within the implementation process so it can be engineered, tested, and approved before your go live date.
Viewing the Phone Tree Configuration in Designer

Once you log into Designer, scroll down to “Phone Tree” in the left vertical menu. Every phone number configured to receive inbound and/or outbound calls will appear under the Phone Trees heading. Click on a phone number to view the phone tree associated with that number. If you have multiple phone numbers, they can all have the same phone tree, different phone trees, or not have a phone tree at all if inbound calls to Welkin will not be used.

More Questions?
If you have any questions regarding Phone Trees , please visit the Welkin Health Knowledge-Base or contact your Implementation/CSM for more information.