Integrations Overview

Integrations overview
Welkin offers a wide range of Integrations to scale your business and provide flexibility. You can support your care delivery strategy in Welkin by layering on additional tools, which is what we’re referencing when we talk about integrations. Here are a few types of integrations we support:

Native integrations
These are integrations that are readily available and pre-integrated into Welkin. They do not require any additional fees and can be added easily at any time by just filing a ticket with your team for initial setup.

These include: Twilio and Paubox 

Integrations w/ associated fees and/or setup time
We have a version of native integrations that we’ve built, but due to the nature of that software, they have additional fees, criteria, and/or setup time. When it some to fees, they come in three categories: a one-time initial setup fee, an annual maintenance fee, or a license fee. For example, Docusign. We have this integration pre-built, but it does require you to hold and manage a specific account and license type that you manage directly with DocuSign.

These include: Zoom for Healthcare, WhatsApp, Health Gorilla, DrFirst, Paubox, Docusign and Sisense. For more information about pricing, download this PDF

Custom built integrations (Welkin builds the code and runs the code) 
Don’t have engineering resources to build an integration into Welkin? We have the resources to get you up and running with a select few types of cloud-based software.

These include (but are not limited to): cloud-based EMR or EHRs, Salesforce, Google Calendar, Outlook, Acuity Scheduling, and Stripe

API-First built integrations (You build the code and run the code)
You’re in full control of the business logic and program requirements. Our open APIs allow you to take the reins. We provide you a platform that was built to function. Our promise to our customers is that we value function over form. We are here to support your team in delivering outcome-driven so Welkin supports you in that mission but allowing you to openly integrate anything you choose. View our Developer Documentation here.

Third party integrations (third party builds the code for you and runs the code) 
Use connector software with out-of-the-box feature sets to build your desired integration. These resources are versed in egressing and ingressing data. We are happy to recommend some of these resources, just ask!

For more information about integrations, what they require, and associated costs, please do reach out directly to your customer success team at