OneLogin Setup and Configuration

Sign up for Onelogin

  1. Goto :

Fill in your details in the form below 

  • Activate your account from the email received:
  • Login into your oneLogin account:

  • Add your users into the oneLogin

Click on Administration

Click on the “Users” on the left most horizontal menu item.

Click the “New Users” button on the right side of the screen.

Fill the first three values as below

The email must match the Welkin User ID email address.


  • Setup your application


Click on the Applications/Applications & Add App button

Search for SAML Custom Connector (Advanced)


Choose SAML Custom Connector (Advanced)


Fill in the following fields


  • Info : Name of your application


Something like this:


  • Configuration : 


Goto to the  Admin product of Welkin Health and pick up your URL’s 

from the instructions section of Single Sign-On oneLogin for your organization/environment.


Fill in the information as seen below. Your URL’s will differ depending upon the organization name.


  1. Audience (EntityID)



  1. Configuration > ACS (Consumer) URL Validator

Configuration > ACS (Consumer) URL

  1. Parameters: Your instructions are following:

Parameters > Add parameter > Field Name

Add Field

Field Name :

Value: Email

Flags: Include SAML Assertion is checked.

Click Save Button.

Your Screen should be like this.


  1. Copy the SSO Issuer URL  to the Admin product Single Sign on meta data url section
  2. Make sure the user has been provided with authorization to use the application in oneLogin


  1. Make sure Single Sign on is Active in Admin Product under Security Settings.
  1. Make sure the Users/Security is set to Active on  Single Sign On for the users using oneLogin.