Zoom: Setup and Configuration

The first integration we’ll discuss is Zoom for Healthcare, which we use for Telehealth or Video Conferencing functionality within Welkin Health. Zoom is fully integrated with Welkin Health and seamlessly allows you to dial and track video calls for any patient communication. This video takes you through the first steps in setting up this integration.

You need to enable your Zoom video integration in a couple of places. First you’ll go to Designer and look at a message template, you can link a Zoom video integration there. You’ll put the URL and copy and paste the Zoom ID to automatically populate any user’s Zoom ID whose in the system.

In the Admin side under each user, you’ll have a Zoom ID field that you can add and edit at any time. This ID will be referenced on any message templates and in the care portal.

In Care you can see your ID through any of the links that generate in a couple areas: 1) Where you create an Encounter and set as a video call. After you select a patient and save, you can see the link populated on your calendar with the ID number. 2) When you generate a message to the patient (automated or ad hoc).