Communication Center: Email Functionality

Communicate with patients through our communication center. Email messages can be sent from anyone on the patient’s care team. Email messages received from the patient can be reviewed and responded to within the Communication Center from the patient’s profile. Secure email is available for any communication to the patient that needs to be encrypted. Draft emails can be created and sent to the patient when desired.

Email status tracking   
You have access to your email metrics, including tracking open, clicked and failed engagement rates. Set up exports to retrieve this data to better track and monitor activity. Check with your customer success manager if you’re interested in confirming you are set-up with this option.

Email drafts

There are now two separate folders for your drafts and starred emails in the communication center. Key features:

  • Draft emails: new folder that allows users to see, schedule or discard all email drafts
  • Starred emails: new folder that allows users to see all starred emails across Inbox, Sent, Scheduled, and Drafts. Starred functionality also exists in Messages and Calls separately.