Welkin takes security seriously. We’ve implemented a number of technical, administrative and physical safeguards designed to protect your data.

Data Audit Trail

Users who have access to the Customer Admin tool can view the details of the data that has been accessed and updated in the Care Portal. Filtering provides users with the ability to quickly find the audit data they need to view. Every action that is performed on data in the Care Portal is captured in the audit trail, with the details required to understand who did what and when.

Security Log

The security log is also available in the Customer Admin tool. It provides a log of all of the actions taken on user profiles of Welkin users. Admin users can track security access that was granted/revoked for all users of the Welkin Care portal.

Security enhancements

Welkin provides advanced security features like two factor authentication and single sign on. Two factor authentication provides the extra layer of security when logging in to your Welkin applications. Welkin customers can configure single sign on so that their users can use their organization’s login credentials to access Welkin applications.

API access to all data

All data that is saved in Welkin will be available to customers via APIs.