Assign Seats and Licenses to New Users

Quick Steps on Assigning

As a Welkin Health customer, you have the ability to build multiple Environments for your building and testing, and are also able to invite users to one of many of these Environments.  This generates a need to track how many of the Environments are in use, as well as how many users and APIs have access to your system at any time.  You accomplish this by reviewing those items in the Admin area of Welkin, and assigning “seats” to your active users and APIs. 

To assign/unassign seats to your users:

From Admin, navigate to the “Users” area.

Select an individual user to open their profile.  Select or deselect the “License Seat” option.

To assign/unassign seats to multiple users, click the radio box next to the names you would like to modify, then select “bulk edit” from the upper right corner.

Select the option to “Assigned or Unassigned” and click “Save”

To assign a seat to an API

Navigate to the “API clients” area, and select the API you want to modify.

From the API edit window, make the change to “License Seat” as needed.

Review the assigned seats and Environments count

Navigate to “Seats & Licenses” where you can compare your assigned seats and Environments to the number you are currently contracted for. 

Adding More Licenses   
Is your business growing? Adding more seats to Welkin Health is easy. You simply navigate to our support page, create a new ticket and request as many new licenses as you need. That way, new users will never be stranded without access.