Communication Center: How to turn on your communication methods

Admin: Communication Center – How to turn on your communication methods

Welkin has bi-directional, omni-channel communication capabilities. Unsecured email (Mailgun) and secured email (Paubox), inbound and outbound phone calls (Twilio), SMS/MMS (Twilio), WhatsApp, and live chat (either Welkin’s patient facing app or a live chat application the client uses) are all ways Welkin users can communicate with patients or their representatives.

After the Welkin Support Team has set up the communication link with the vendor(s) in use by your organization, the mode of communication needs to be turned on in the Admin portal.

In Admin click on “Integrations” in the left side menu. This will bring up the Communication tab.

Each Welkin environment (sandbox, demo, live/prod, etc.) will be shown with their own communication channels. The channels displayed are:

EmailSecure EmailSMSWhatsApp
ChatVoice CallsPhone Names

Under each channel, the email subdomain, phone number(s), or API ID will be shown. If “Not Set” appears, that mode of communication has not been configured for the environment.

To activate the communication mode, toggle the switch to the right of the communication type so that the toggle is moved to the right and the switch turns orange.

Turning on Chat will require the “Webhook Configuration” link to be clicked and the chatWebhookURL, webhookAPIKey, and webhookAPISecret to be added.

Incoming and Outgoing calls can be recorded. Selecting “Record Outgoing” will allow a “Record Call” toggle switch to appear in

the patient’s Communication Center when making an outbound call. “Confirm Outgoing” will prompt the care team to confirm their outbound call before connection to a patient by playing a message stating, “Press 1 to call the patient.” “Required” will hide the “Record Call” switch in Care but will automatically record all outbound calls.

The Phone Name section allows each phone number to be named so they can easily be identified in Care. The Phone Name is created in Designer.

Once the name is created in Designer you can assign it to each phone number by using the drop-down box under the phone number.

To learn more about communication setup options, follow this link to learn about creating message templates.

More Questions?

If you have any questions regarding Automations , please visit the Welkin Health Knowledge-Base or contact your Implementation/CSM for more information.