Admin Overview

Admin is a tool used to configure your Welkin environments. Below is a snippet of the Admin Training. We recommend you download the full Admin Training to learn all about Admin.

Download the PDF of the Admin Training here. 

When logging into Admin – you will first see the Overview screen.

The horizontal menu bar on the left will allow you to navigate through all the options within the Admin portal. The icons at the top right of the screen from left to right:

  • Release Notes
  • Care
  • Designer
  • Profile of user/Log Out/Current API & UI version

Environments: The environments tab will show:

  • Active environments 
    • The toggle on the right will give you the option to show or hide archived environments)
  • Description 
  • Created date and time
  • Last updated date and time
  • Whether the environment is a sandbox or live 
  • Schema size

Users: The users tab will show the following: a Welkin users full name, email, environments to which they have access to, if SSO and 2FA are active, the users status, and if they have been assigned a license.

Who has access:

  • Limited to individuals who have been selected for Admin rights
  • Access can be granted to additional individuals by current Admin users
  • Password and usernames will be same across all portals