Data Retrieval

Retrieving all data from an Environment

Process Description:

To retrieve all data from a Welkin Environment, organizations would use Welkin’s Export APIs.  This allows the gathering of large amounts of data in only a few API calls.  Once the data is retrieved, customers can load it to an external business analytics engine, manually analyze, or put into long-term storage.

All details on using Welkin’s APIs are publicly available here:


Data in Welkin is stored under a number of different objects.  To retrieve all data, it is best to be familiar with the particular organization’s configuration.  Some organizations may not use particular objects, so it may be unnecessary to attempt retrieval using select APIs.  The full list of export APIs includes:

  • Export CDTs Records
  • Export Care Plans
  • Export Voice Calls
  • Export Patients
  • Export Chat Messages
  • Export Programs
  • Export SMS
  • Export WhatsApp Messages
  • Export Calendar Events
  • Export Email
  • Export Tasks
  • Export Assessments
  • Export PFAs
  • Export Encounters
  • Export Encounter Comments
  • Export Export Dispositions
  • Export Contacts
  • GET Document Summary Record File*

*Note: This API is run for each individual patient

Welkin’s Professional Services team is available to assist with running these exports if your organization is unable to perform these tasks or would prefer Welkin’s assistance.  Please contact your Welkin representative for further information.

More Questions?

If you have any questions, please visit the Welkin Health Knowledge-Base or contact your Implementation/CSM for more information.