Category: Patient Engagement

Scaling Patient Engagement To Improve Health Outcomes

Patient engagement is the measure of how patients engage with all the resources their health system makes available to them. It requires them to be actively engaged in leveraging the services and resources that can help resolve their conditions and optimize their wellbeing. When they do so, they help promote patient-centered care, effective patient-provider relationships, and improved health outcomes. The rise of patient-centered care and...Read More >

How To Develop Your Patient Engagement Strategy

Engaged patients are proactive about their health. Implementing a robust, multi-channel patient engagement strategy that caters to their needs creates a positive experience that inspires patient activation, and eventually, loyalty. Before you begin strategizing, ask yourself: what would it take for patients to become effective and informed managers of their health and healthcare? What level of patient engagement would empower patients to improve their health...Read More >

Why Welkin’s Care Management Platform Is the Patient Engagement Solution You’ve Been Looking For

You don’t need to see decades’ worth of research to know that informed, involved patients tend to have better outcomes and are more satisfied with your care. A patient engagement solution can lead to healthier lifestyles and habits, making it easier to adhere to your care plan. Engaged patients expect quality care on their terms, and are less willing to accept any delays or inconveniences...Read More >

Proactive Care: How to Achieve Better Outcomes

What is proactive care? Proactive care is the ongoing patient-provider conversation and active monitoring of conditions to help prevent life-threatening emergencies. When care teams communicate regularly with at-risk patients—as well as each other—about conditions, diagnostics, and treatment protocols while encouraging preventive measures, they’re practicing proactive care. Proactive care is personalized healthcare that makes problem prevention second nature for care teams and encourages patients to take...Read More >

What Are EMRs Contributing To Your Patient Engagement Strategy?

When asked, “What are EMRs and why do you use one?” most clinicians will likely say electronic medical records (EMRs), as well as electronic health records (EHRs), improve patient care while ensuring health care systems get paid. They might also mention the gaps their EMR system leaves in the patient journey. Clinicians may tell you they use these health IT tools to store a patient’s...Read More >