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Proactive Care: How to Achieve Better Outcomes

What is proactive care? Proactive care is the ongoing patient-provider conversation and active monitoring of conditions to help prevent life-threatening emergencies. When care teams communicate regularly with at-risk patients—as well as each other—about conditions, diagnostics, and treatment protocols while encouraging preventive measures, they’re practicing proactive care. Proactive care is personalized healthcare that makes problem prevention second nature for care teams and encourages patients to take...Read More >

Achieving Patient-Centered Care With The Right Technology

Patient-Centered Care: A Definitive Guide Patient-centered care respects and integrates a patient’s values, preferences, and goals into clinical decision-making and outcome assessments. This partnership between caregiver and patient addresses the physical, mental, spiritual, and social determinants of a patient’s health to achieve better outcomes. The New England of Medicine reports that successful patient-centered care entails: Shared decision-making: giving patients, patients’ families, and caretakers a say...Read More >

13 Ways To Improve Patient Care

The AMA Journal of Ethics reports that despite having the world’s most costly healthcare, the U.S. ranks 26th for life expectancy and quite poorly on other patient care indicators. More than a third of the health care services clinicians deliver do not improve patients’ health or quality of life. Reducing aggressive patient care that’s not cost-effective has become a national priority. This priority requires healthcare...Read More >

Why You Need Patient Care Coordination

Patient care coordination improves care delivery for patients and alleviates burnout for care providers. While resolving a patient’s confusion over diagnoses, conditions, and treatments, a well-equipped patient care coordinator also streamlines the implementation of care plans, optimizes care practices, and makes life easier for all care team members involved. We’ve compiled the latest best practices implemented by accountable care organizations to help you optimize care...Read More >