Patient Care

8 Principles of Patient-Centered Care

For years, the healthcare industry has been abuzz with talk about patient-centered care and how it contributes to improved patient experience, Care team decision making, and health outcomes. But what...Read More >

Transition Care Management: Transitioning Patients to a New Care Setting

What is transitional care? The term “transitional care” refers to a range of services designed to promote the safe and timely continuity of care for patients as they move between...Read More >

What Is Patient-Centered Care

What is patient-centered care? It’s a healthcare partnership that integrates patients’ values and preferences into clinical decisions to achieve physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and sometimes even financial wellness. Ultimately,...Read More >

Proactive Care: How to Achieve Better Outcomes

What is proactive care? Proactive care is the ongoing patient-provider conversation and active monitoring of conditions to help prevent life-threatening emergencies. When care teams communicate regularly with at-risk patients—as well...Read More >

Achieving Patient-Centered Care With The Right Technology

Patient-Centered Care: A Definitive Guide Patient-centered care respects and integrates a patient’s values, preferences, and goals into clinical decision-making and outcome assessments. This partnership between caregiver and patient addresses the...Read More >

13 Ways To Improve Patient Care

The AMA Journal of Ethics reports that despite having the world’s most costly healthcare, the U.S. ranks 26th for life expectancy and quite poorly on other patient care indicators. More...Read More >

How To Master the Doctor-Patient Relationship

The doctor-patient relationship has been the focus of sociological and philosophical debate since the days of Hippocrates. It’s also the subject of thousands of modern medical articles, monographs, and books....Read More >