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21 Patient Engagement Tools Your Care Team Needs

You’ve probably heard how much patient engagement tools can help all types of care teams deliver high-quality care — which leads to reduced readmissions, improved outcomes, and even higher patient satisfaction. But do you know exactly which patient engagement tools promote your team’s unique priorities and specialties? In this guide, we explore 21 of them to help you decide which to incorporate into your patient...Read More >

Earning 5 Stars For Patient Satisfaction in Healthcare

Just as you diligently prepare your space for optimal patient safety, you should also nurture the quality of care you provide to improve patient satisfaction at every touchpoint. You can achieve this next-level standard of care with your own team by implementing best practices for patient satisfaction in healthcare. What is patient satisfaction in healthcare? Patient satisfaction is a measure of the quality care determined...Read More >

How to Improve Patient Communication

Patient-clinician relationships are vital to making shared decisions on patient care. However, it can be difficult to build these crucial connections when clinicians' time is scarce — and when each patient interaction lasts only minutes. While it may be challenging to implement patient-centered communication at your healthcare organization, doing so can improve a patient’s experience and lead to better health outcomes. Here's how implementing healthcare...Read More >